PT. PADI MEKATEL is a private company founded by Ir. Peters M Simanjuntak .MBA, that was established based on the law of Republic of Indonesia in 1991 with the Establishment Act number 27, in March 8th, 1991, by Public Notary Imas Fatimah,  SH.   

Between 1994 and 1998, PT. PADI MEKATEL was given the trust by PT. INKA to take on the role in project interior fiber glass of passenger train shuttle for PT. KAI. In 1995, PT. PADI MEKATEL joint efforts with PT. TELKOM in design and fabrication project for public telephones.

With the advancement of technology and to survive in the pinnacle of economic crisis, PT. PADI MEKATEL started to explore telecommunication tower business which at that time was a very promising one. Then in the year 2000, PT. PADI MEKATEL became sub-contractor for INDOSAT telecommunication tower project, which was then continued to take on the role in Project Management of Infrastructure Tower for PT. SATELINDO in 2001.

Today, PT. PADI MEKATEL, with its subsidiaries has built more than 200 telecommunication towers in several provinces in Indonesia from various leading telecommunication companies. With expert personnel that have high credibility and loyalty, PT. PADI MEKATEL achieved ISO 9001 Certificate in 2000 and continued to maintain its professionalism until now.